District Governor

Chris Davies

Welcome to Rotary District 1070 and the 2017-18 Rotary Year

It was with mixed emotions that I returned home from District Assembly: delight
that it been well attended and seemed to have gone well but a realisation that
the first of the District milestones in the life of a DG had passed. This year I
have been privileged to see what a huge and powerful organisation we belong
to. But while Rotary is growing in Asia and Africa, numbers are dwindling in the
US and the UK. Numbers do not tell the real story though, what is more
important is the age gap. So I have a focus on the young; Rotakids , Interact
and Rotaract. We need the enthusiasm and service these young people can
bring. It is my objective that we have at least one Rotaract Club in each Area.
I am really looking forward visiting the Clubs, what a privilege that is. You are
the real power house and do amazing things. I intend to keep the “club news”
feature in the District Council meeting so please contact Roger McDermott if you
have a story to tell.

There is a slightly new look to the membership team at District level. PDG Dick
Parsley will be focussing on attracting new members and we will explore the
opportunities of Satellite and e-clubs for members who have busy work and
family lives. The surprising effect is that the sponsoring clubs tend to grow as
well. Retention is the other focus and PP Robin Green will be concerned with how
we can keep new members and make sure that we have lots of opportunity for
fun and fellowship – speaking of which, I look forward seeing you all at the
Llandudno Conference.

To support all of these activities we have developed the public relations function
of the Communications team but, the best publicity machine we have is you.
Please don’t forget to ask your friends and family to join this powerful
organisation. The work happening in Youth, International and Community gives
lots of opportunity for service and Foundation can support your projects.
Together we can make a difference. Thank you, Chris

Chris Davies – District Governor