Heartwize – CPR Training


Logo: Heartwize PR Training‘What would you do if someone collapses unconscious in front of you?’

The aim of the Rotary HeartWize programme is to allay the fears of getting involved, by giving you the knowledge and basic skills to maintain life until the emergency services can get there.

HeartWize aims to spread knowledge of CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) across communities in our district. This can be through Rotary clubs, schools, community groups, businesses, indeed any organisation. Some of you may remember Dr Doug Skehan’s superb presentations at District conference at Nottingham and District Assembly at Loughborough on the subject.

Our plan is initially to spread the word across Rotary clubs, then with the help of Rotarians who develop an interest, to form small groups that can assist HeartWize personnel to bring that training to clubs and community groups across the area covered by District 1070.

So, we would like to hear from any club that would like a speaker, presentation, and/or training. Also, from any Rotarian that would like to be involved, as part of a small team, to train local community groups in your area.

Your District 1070 contact is Rotarian John Dehnel, Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray.