Spring Clean

Rotary Spring Clean

Logo: Rotary Spring Clean‘A Tidy Environment creates a Proud and Stronger Community’

Spring Clean officially takes place in March and April (linked with Climate Week and Earth Day), but it can be done at any time.

Most people think of litter picking, but Spring Clean can include cleaning up communities, parks, beaches, towns, villages, natural beauty spots, lanes, streams, ponds, verges, in fact anywhere that needs a little tender loveing care. I could even be de-cluttering at home and selling what you don'[t want, or tidying up an elderly person’s garden.

More ideas at www.ribi.org/committees/community/rotary-spring-clean/ideas

A ‘Toolbox of Resources’ is also downloadable at www.ribi.org/committees/community/rotary-spring-clean/

Your District 1070 contact is Rotarian Bob Parfitt.