District 1070 Effective Club Website Competition

An Effective Club Website competition was launched at the District Council on 30th November 2016.  All clubs in District 1070 are invited to enter the competition on the attached entry form, which is free to enter.  There will be a trophy presented to the winning Club.  It is hoped that this will become an annual event.

Winners of the award in 2016-17 were as follows:

1st prize: RC Shepshed Charnwood:


2nd Prize: RC Leicester De Montfort:


3rd Joint: 

Leicester Novus: http://rotary-leicesternovus.org/

and Ramsay: http://www.ramseyrotary.im/

Please note: It is still to be decided if there is to be a competition in 2017/18.  The following text relates only to the competition in 2016/17:

Website Evaluation Criteria

The judges are looking for an effective internet presence, whether this be by traditional website or social media.  These should be up to date and ready for judging by 1st March 2017 when judging will begin and will conclude on 1st April 2017.  This will allow ample time for the judges to review the club websites and to consult and declare a winner in time to have the trophy prepared for presentation at the District Council on 18th July 2017.  If you have any questions about this competition please contact PDG Malcolm Webb, The Rotary Club of Lincoln, Tel 07710 184083 [email protected]

The web sites will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Navigation (1 to 10 points)

Ease of finding the website through standard search engines – we will expect the site to appear on the first page of a Google Search, for example.

Ease of navigation within the web site.

  1. Current & Relevant (1 to 10 points)

Website must be up-to-date with current branding/logos; current officers; calendars should be for the current Rotary year; meeting information; full contact information including links to social media if applicable.

  1. Layout (1 to 5 points)

Attractive, eye-catching, neat.

We appreciate that clubs using the RIBI Template do not have as much scope for individual layouts as those using a bespoke site.  Those clubs will not be penalised for any elements of layout which lie outside their control.

  1. Content and Information (1 to 10 points)

Use of graphics, photos, etc.  Content is well organised.

  1. Club Information — news, calendar of events and activities; clearly written and easy to understand. Contains information about all Rotary Avenues of Service (Club, Vocational, International, Community and Youth).
  2. Rotary Information

District — at minimum, a clear link to the District website

RIBI — at minimum, a clear link to the RIBI web site.

RI – at minimum, a clear link to the RI website


District 1070 Effective Club Website Competition – do not use, relevant only to 2016/17 competition

ENTRY FORM – Closing date for entries 1st March 2017

We wish our club website to be entered into the District 1070 Effective Club Website Competition.

Download Entry form and email to [email protected] or fill out the following:

New website competition entry

7 + 6 =

Please return the completed form to PDG Malcolm Webb, The Rotary Club of Lincoln, The Website, School Lane, Broadholme, Lincoln LN1 2LZ [email protected]

Alternatively, just send me an email containing the above relevant information – Club name; site URL; webmaster name and contact details.