Slam Jam

SlamJam is a spoken word programme that encourages young people to write – and then perform – their own performance poetry.


Available to all secondary schools and Youth Groups, SlamJam is an engaging and challenging opportunity for young people to develop their writing and performance skills, build their self-confidence, and – ultimately – have a real impact on an audience.


SlamJam rules :

  • All pieces must be original and performed by the writer(s)
  • The subject matter is the choice of the writer(s)
  • Each performance should be 3 minutes in duration
  • There can be no use of scripts, props or costumes in the performance
  • Performances can be by individuals, pairs or trios


Prizes are given for winners of Key Stage 3, (11-14), Key Stage 4 (14-16) and Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form).


How to enter:

  • Complete the 2018 competition entry form (available here) and return it by email to to the SlamJam organiser Chris Milnes  by December 20th 2017
  • Schedule the programme to begin between January and April. It is recommended that you include this in your English or Drama curriculum, allowing up to 4-6 weeks for this, including competitions
  • Organise your own competition to take place in school or Youth Club by the end of April
  • Send names of each Key Stage Winners to your local Rotary Club


Competition Stages

  • Jan – April Schools / Youth Clubs run internal competitions
  • May Local heats organized by Rotary Clubs
  • June Regional Final organized by Lindum Rotary Club, Lincoln


Participating schools will receive a Teacher’s Handbook with lesson ideas and suggestions for getting started.

Youth Clubs will also receive a handbook with ideas for activities to engage participants.

For further information, please contact [email protected]

Guidance for Rotary clubs can be found HERE

Slamjam Newsletter

To read the latest 2018 Slamjam newsletter click on the link HERE