Young Writer

About the Young Writer Competition 2017-2018

The Young Writer competition 2017-2018  is designed to enable  Young People to express themselves through the medium of writing, to support and encourage the development of writing skills.The competition is designed for both primary and secondary school age students

All entries must be through a sponsoring Rotary Club

The winning District entry for each age group will be entered into the RIBI final.

An entry may be a piece produced in class, a piece of work done for SATS or Coursework, a piece written as part of badge work in a youth organisation or a piece written for the competition by an individual.

The task: to produce a handwritten or word processed poem or piece of  prose entitled,

“A Different Perspective”

A piece of work of around  500 hundred words is a suggested suitable submission

The written entry can be fiction or non-fiction, a story or a poem, as long as the piece relates to the theme. Questions have been asked about spelling and although this is not an issue the only advice to be given is that judges of this competition have made comment upon spelling in the past.

Each Rotary Club may submit one entry for each age group.

Judging is based only on

  • imagination relative to the subject,
  • ability to engage interest, and
  • an ability to be consistent in the power of argument.

Organising a Competition

Rotary Clubs should arrange their own competitions and then send the winning entries to the District Competition coordinator by the deadline of Friday 13th April 2018.(n.b check local School Easter holidays to ensure time for club competition judging)

Clubs should give certificates to all their entrants and appropriate prizes to the winners.

A completed disclaimer/parental consent must accompany each entry – a copy is contained in the District Information Pack

The presentation of certificates and prizes to the District competition winners will be at the District Young Designer competition on Saturday June 18th  2018

For more information about the competition the  rules and entry/parental consent forms forms, please read the District Information Pack .

To submit Entries or for more information or assistance, please contact: Rotarian Richard Warr at the Rotary Club of Northampton West.( contact details in the District 1070 Handbook)

National winners 2017

You can read about the National winners of the Rotary Young Writer Competition here 

This article was first published in  Rotary August/September 2017 edition

District winning entries 2017

The District 1070 competition results were,

Juniors: 1st Kitty Crane (RC St Neots St Marys),   2nd Ashmita Das (RC Northampton Beckett),  3rd Mylan Basra (RC Leicester).

Intermediate: 1st Louis Costagna (RC Northampton West) , 2nd Anna Harris(RC Rutland), 3rd  Tiah Bains( RC Leicester).

Senior  1st  Sienna Kaur ( RC Leicester),  2nd Alex Tyndall ( RC Grantham Kesteven), 3rd Luca Wyatt ( RC Northampton West)

To download a copy of the District and National results for the 2016/2017 Young writer competition click here



To celebrate the future wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  in MAY 2018 at Windsor Castle  Rotary is running another ‘one off’ competition which will run in parallel with our annual Young Writer Competition. The title of the competition is ‘A Poem for the Wedding of (Prince) Harry and Meghan (Markle). 

In this competition there will be two age categories.  Submissions must be from those ages, 7 – 11 and 12-17 years.  Once entries have been received by the  District 1070 organiser  by 21st March 2018,  one winner from each age group  winners will be sent to the RIBI competition organiser.  A certificate will be prepared and sent to each of those whose poem has been sent on behalf of the respective District

The two winning poems from each District will be sent to Prince Harry and Meghan with a letter attached from the  R.I.B.I. President Denis SPILLER.  It is hoped that we will be able to send off a maximum of 50 poems, i.e. two from each District. 

More information about the competition, the  rules and entry/parental consent forms forms, can be found here in the Young Writer Extra competition information pack