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District 1070 Youth Opportunities in Rotary Youth Exchange

All those seen here in the Video presentation are Youth Exchange candidates from Rotary District 1070.
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To view a typical Youth Camp/Youth Exchange,

 the 2013 San Diego Orchestral Music Camp

Photograph: Delegates at the San Diego Music Camp.

Photograph: Delegates at the San Diego Music Camp.

The aims of the Youth Exchange Team in District 1070 for the year are:

  • First, to help even more Clubs to better appreciate the range of superb exchange opportunities – not all of which include ‘hosting’ – that are available to young people from their locality, including the younger members of their own families.

  • Secondly, to help Clubs to gain access – even to give presentations to their local secondary schools,sports clubs, scouts and guides – so as to talk to students in Years 11-13 about the FOUR Rotary Youth Exchange Programmes (tho’ Long Term Exchanges with countries outside EU are not currently possible)

  • Thirdly, to provide Clubs who prefer to with a tailored MS Powerpoint presentation to deliver to their schools so that they can make the students aware of the website where all the youth exchange options, terms and requirements are detailed and through which all student/candidate’s Registration of Interest in any of our Exchange programmes MUST FIRST be made.

  • Finally to provide Clubs with a local link – a Club Rotarian who has up to date experienece of the programmes and the processes to guide them through the process so as to ensure that each young person who comes forward and their family receive the same enquiries, attention, support and protection so that the safety of each incoming exchange student from which ever other country will be ensured, while they enjoy their stay in District 1070 of RIBI.

Rotary International has recognised that Youth or New Generations is the FIFTH Avenue of Service and that facilitating transnational visits and meeting between young people is a sure-fire way to improve international understanding worldwide.

The limits on Camps & Tours of only one or two young people from each country, on each Camp, mean that they cannot avoid spending and sharing their 2 or 3 weeks with foreigners which drives an openness and enhances their interpersonal skills in an inimitable way.

So, if we in District 1070 want to make a positive contribution to a peaceful future we can do no better than to promote the Rotary Youth Exchange programmes. With a little effort and at low cost to Club and District we can make an enormous difference to the worlds youth and the future

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Logo: Rotary Youth Exchange

Further details are available from:

RIBI web site 

The Youth Exchange Web Site 

For further information, contact:

Mark Deutsch( RC Kettering Huxloe):

Guidelines for Candidates

Guidelines for Candidates AGES: for STEPs or Family to Family aka Summer Holiday Exchanges students will be between the ages of 15 and 19 years of age are welcome. For Rotary Youth Exchange Camps & Tours ages will differ for every Camp including some ages down to 14 and some as high as ‘twenty something’ APPLICATIONS: Students must register their interest for all Exchanges via when their enquiry will be forwarded to our District Youth Exchange Coordinator for the programme they are interested in, who will then pass it to a local Rotary club near to their home, who will contact them within a week or so of the registration to arrange an interview/meeting at home with parents. CLUB SPONSORSHIP: Students are required to be sponsored by a local Rotary Club – For Short Term and Camps & Tours this sponsorship involves Interviewing the family and covering the cost of the candidates meals with their sponsor club before, during (STEP) and after the Exchange plus provision of sundry small items to take with them – e.g. banners, pin badges etc. and the cost of their Orientation Event attendance which is mandatory for all RYE candidates. Long Term Exchanges: District 1070 is not currently promoting these Exchanges partly due to Visa problems that make the normal reciprocal Academic Year Exchange very difficult. However candidates can apply and an experienced Rotarian will be happy to discuss the programme and the implications possibilities and costs with them and their family. COSTS: Students’ family pay the cost of travel and the ‘required’ insurance. Some Camps charge though some remain free of charge. All Rotary Youth Exchange Programmes are open to the families of Rotarians as well as non-Rotarians, worldwide.The New Generations Service Exchanges – This is an individual vocational and strictly reciprocal exchange. The programme replaces the NGE Exchange which District 1070 has very successfully organized since 2009 and our overseas colleagues continue to be ready to work with us. Ages – currently 18+ to 26.

Photograph: Andrea Munson, a Youth Exchange Student puts on the full mayoral regalia and becomes Mayor of Peterborough - but only for a few moments.

Photograph: Delegates at the San Diego Music Camp.


1. Short Term Exchange (STEP) also known as Family to Family or Summer Holiday ExchangeSince 2009 Our District has matched well over 100 Young people from D1070 with partners from: Canada (4 provinces), USA (16 states), The Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Brazil, Peru and Japan.KEY POINTS: Students between the ages of 15 and 19 take part in family-to-family exchanges with a student they take a major part in chosing from and in another country of their choice, usually for 3 to 5 weeks in UK AND in their partners country. PROCESS: Candidates Register Interest on the website. A club local to their home is asked to interview them and their family. Once the ‘interview’ has been ‘passed’ and the local Rotary club has agreed to be the Sponsor, the student is provided with a digital Application Form to complete and return by a deadline just before Christmas (NB the deadline for Japan may be earlier).

Matching, in line with the students stated geographical and other preferences, is then effected by the District STEP Coordinator/Team and a potential matching candidate’s forms are then sent to the local Club who forward them to our candidate for their consideration. If they and the potential partner see one another as ‘possible’ they are put in touch with one another to Skype. If after that both still think the other is ‘possible’ the parents of both get to Skype to decide and say YES or NO.

CRB/DBS Clearance will then be obtained by the local Rotary Clubs Protection Officer for anyone normally resident or who will be resident in the host family home during the visit. Only when all are cleared can the candidates be given authorisation to go ahead with bookings of travel and the Insurance that complies with Rotary International requirements.

For more information on STEPs please email:

2.  Camps & Tours

Since 2009 about 100 Young people from D1070 have been on Camps in California and Colorado USA, in Canada, Austria, Italy, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Norway, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Egypt, Taiwan, Hungary, Austria & the Czech Republic. The camps covered a wide range of hobbies, sports and interests as well as brilliant Cultural Tours.KEY POINTS: Invitations are received each year from Rotary Districts in Continental Europe but increasingly further afield, for students between the age of 15 and 25 to take part in their adventure, sport or cultural camps. These are normally in the summer months, although there are ski camps in the winter and an Indian camp at Easter.
There may be 8 to 24 young people in a camp. Usually there will be no more than 2 campers from any one country, in each camp and the common language is usually English.

There are a very small number of camps where more than 2 are accepted and in the case of the superb San Diego Orchestral Music Camp where places are gained by Audition – Grade 8 is the usual minimum standard. The Indian Camp and the Egyptology camp similarly often accept more than 1 or 2 campers from any District.

For more information on Camps email: campsd1070@gmail.comPROCESS: As with STEPs, candidates for Camps register their interest on the website. The interview follows and all being well sponsorship. Forms are then provided, completed and submitted by the deadline in late November.

The details of all Camps and Tours in the last two years and new invitations for the upcoming year appear on the website. Newly received invitations are emailed direct to candidates who have completed and returned their Application Forms by the deadline, by the RIBI Outbound Camps Coordinator.

To secure a place on a camp they like the look of they then need to apply for a place by email to the RIBI Outbound Camps Coordinator without delay! The District Camps Coordinator is then advised of accepted bookings by the RIBI Outbound Camps Coordinator to whom the candidates Application Form is then sent and forwarded to the foreign RYE camp organisers to secure their place – this is why we have a deadline and require forms back before it. Until their forms are back with us candidates will not be included in the Camps mailings and will thus not be able to see invitations or ask for places.

Note: Most camps and tours operate on a first come first served basis and the closing dates are strict. Thus an immediate response is essential if a candidate sees a Camp invitation that they would like to take up… if they are not fast, others may be!

IN ALL CASES: The student or the student’s parents, pay the costs of travel and required insurance. Some camps are free – others may charge a Fee to cover expert tuition, safety and/or in camp travel.

3. New Generations Service Exchange.This programme replaces the previously very successful NGEs.

More than a dozen Young people from District 1070 have been in Argentina, Australia, Canada, California, Italy, and Brazil – vocational subjects have included Interior Design, Veterinary Nursing, Fashion Design, Spanish, Interior Design, Paleantology, Politics and Statistics. KEY POINTS: This can be seen as a briefer alternative to a Gap year and may occur, for example: before, during or after higher education. A Student seeking an NGSE may be be over 18 and up to 26 and will take part in a period of vocational internship of three months.

This District will be looking for evidence of the candidates vocation being well established. Candidates of 19 and over who are in or are about to join a course of Higher Education study or a modern Apprenticeship related to their vocation will be preferred. Undergraduates are advised to aim for an NGE between Year 2 and 3 or later. University Transcripts may be required as well as a professional CV PROCESS: the process is first register interest here – click on: Register for NGSE This will be followed by an interview and all being well by sponsorship by a local Rotary Club. IN ALL NGSE CASES: The student or the student’s parents, pay the costs of travel and required insurance. Accommodation and transport to and from the workplace will be organised by Rotary in the host Country. This is a reciprocal exchange and parents of outbound NGSE students are expected to host ‘inbounds’ at the same time or later. Otherwise how could we return the NGSE favour of their support to our overseas colleagues in Rotary who also have NGSE candidates looking for similar experiences here.

For more information on NGSEs email

4. Long Term Exchange (LTE) also referred to as Academic Year Exchange.

Long Term Exchanges are in every case reciprocal – that is to say our student will not be accepted in another country unless we are able to welcome one of theirs, in ‘exchange’.At the time of writing (October 2014) the United Kingdom Government has withdrawn VISAs for greater than six months for students from other than EU Countries. Thus, Long Term Exchanges to other countries are not possible. As a result, Rotary District D1070 has no current plans for LTEPs but is happy to discuss the possibilities with the Family of any interested candidate.

District 1070 used to do LTEs from a small number of our clubs. However the cost is too high for most clubs now unless the candidate and their family are ready to shoulder at least a part of the costs.

This is – like STEPs and NGEs – a Reciprocal Programme – see above. The costs are not so much with our outbound but with the inbound. Their hosting, schooling, books, travel and perhaps school uniform have to be funded. LTE Candidates also receive a weekly pocket money payment and are expected to attend host Rotary Club meals.

The cost of sponsoring one LTE to a Rotary Club could easily equal the cost of sponsoring over 30 STEPs, Camps and New Generations candidates.

An experienced member of the District Youth Exchange Team will be happy to meet with candidates and their families to discuss the possibility of their young person doing an LTE and will help them to find a sponsor Rotary Club, if they are willing to discuss how they can contribute to these costs.

Photograph: Delegates at the San Diego Music Camp.


Photograph: Rotary Youth Exchange group in front of Egyptian pyramid.JUNE – JULY: OUTBOUND Candidates meet their sponsor clubs and or the Rotary 1070 District Governor and receive their District goody bags

JULY – SEPT : Clubs contact Local Schools for Opportunities to speak to Years 11-13

July:  District Council Meeting – OUTBOUNDs and REBOUNDs (those who have already returned!) Exchangers and current INBOUNDs welcomed by DG

AUGUST – On the last Friday Evening it is proposed to repeat last years very successful Rebound Supper when al the candidates who were at orientation can meet up again and share their experiences. This is a very informal session. For location and other details go to and like the RYE 1070 Facebook page 

SEPTEMBER: All returned Youth Exchange candidates will give presentations of their reports on the experienece they have enjoyed to meetings of their Sponsor Rotary Clubs and guests.

SEPTEMBER – NOVEMBER (end of first full week): Talks are given to students at local Secondary Schools all over the District

SEPTEMBER – DECEMBER : Interviews/Information meetings will take place at their homes for Camps & Tours and STEP Candidates and their families when two prospective sponsor club Rotarians meet the candidate and his or her parents.

SEPTEMBER – 1st March : Interviews/Information meetings will take place at their homes for NGE (New Generations Exchange) Candidates and their families.

OCTOBER:  District Council Meeting – current Inbound Exchangers welcomed by DG

SPRING: Sponsor Clubs welcome their candidate(s) to a normal club meeting

MID-MARCH: The District Orientation Day  –  This events is Mandatory for ALL D1070 Youth Exchange candidates. This event will be from 10:00 – 4 PM on a Saturday after half term and before the Easter Holiday, the location will be advised but it will probably be in the Peterborough Area. The last half hour of the day will be a parents Q&A Forum when the District Youth Exchange Team, past Exchangers and past exchangers Parents will be there to answer questions. NB Any candidate not attending will be excluded from the programme.

JUNE – JULY: The circle continues Sponsor clubs will welcome their candidates to a second club meeting and will provide them with ‘goody bags’, banners and letters to present to their host clubs and Districts.


District Youth Exchange Team 2014-15
Local Team contacts
+ over 30 RYE experienced clubs!

Short Term Exchanges – District Co-ordinator – Rtn Ian Walker email: stepsd1070@gmail.comCamps and Tours – District Co-ordinator – Rtn Chris Davies email: campsd1070@gmail.comLong Term (Academic Year) Exchanges, New Generation Service Exchanges or other enquiries try our new email: Go to our Facebook Group – Rotary Youth Exchange D1070 England where you can find and chat with recent District 1070 Youth Exchangers. Click here:The Rotary in Britain & Ireland Youth Exchange Website, where you can find full details for all Youth Exchange programmes as well as past years invitations to all individual Camps and Tours: www.youthribi.orgContact points for Rotary Clubs

D1070   Rotary Youth Exchange Team for 2014-15 Contact: Rotary Club of:
District Youth Exchange Advisers

Peterborough, Ramsey Stamford and the Deepings

Colin Yarwood

David Heather

Peterborough Ortons


Grantham and The Wolds Maggie Ambrose Grantham Kesteven

Leicester and Environs

John Niblett

Oadby Launde

Loughborough Area

John Tyers

Soar Valley

Kettering & Harborough

Chris Davies

Mike Tebbutt

Market Harborough

Kettering Huxloe

Northampton & West

Chris Watts


South Centre

Zelda Gunn

Kimbolton Castle


Mary Whitehead

Biggleswade Ivel

Local team members‘ roles are to help local clubs and
local schools get involved with Youth Exchange. Most local team members are
Youth Exchange Officers (CYEOs) for one or more clubs who have had recent
experience  of sponsoring Rotary Youth Exchange students ( see below).
Other District 1070 Clubs with recent experience or interest in sponsoring are: Bedford, Biggleswade, Biggleswade Ivel, Blaby, Brackley, Corby Phoenix, The Deepings, Grantham, Grantham Kesteven, Huntingdon Cromwell, Kettering Huxloe, Kettering , Kettering Tresham, Kibworth & Fleckney, Kimbolton Castle, Leicester, Leicester Novus, Market Harborough, Melton Belvoir, Melton Mowbray, Oadby, Launde, Loughborough, Northampton Becket, Northampton and Northampton West, Peterborough, Peterborough Minster, Peterborough Ortons, Peterborough Werrington, Rushden Ramsey, Rutland, St Ives. Soar Valley, Stamford, Stamford St. Martin, Stamford Burghley, Thrapston & Raunds, Uppingham, Wellingborough, Wellingborough Hatton Wreake Valley. For advice and information contact your local Rotary Club above via their Facebook page or website… some even Tweet!

Photograph: 2011 Rotary Youth Exchange group members being greeted by the Mayor of Peterborough.

2011 Rotary Youth Exchange Visitors to District 1070 being greeted by the Mayor of Peterborough.

Photograph: Andrea Munson, a Youth Exchange Student puts on the full mayoral regalia and becomes Mayor of Peterborough - but only for a few moments.

Long Term Exchange Group, including British Students, in Quebec.