District 1070 & Calvert Trust


The Calvert Trust is a UK charity whose aim is to challenge disability ‘through outdoor adventure’. The Activities include hill walking, rock climbing, abseiling, horse riding, archery, sailing, canoeing and cycling. The whole ethos is to teach the participants what they can do and not what they can’t do which is often the case in their normal environment.

Suitable candidates are sponsored by Rotary Clubs and enjoy a week at one of the Calvert Trust Outdoor Centres. The week promotes independence in a safe environment and everyone is encouraged to do as much as they can and, frequently, more than they themselves expect.

Without doubt, everyone who comes on a Calvert Trust expedition wil find their comfort zone challenged at some time during the week and the impacts are often life changing.

Rotary District 1070 takes a group of 25-30 physically and mentally challenged young adults to the Keswick Centre for the last week in April each year.

For costs and further information, contact the District Organiser, Rotarian Mark Winfield (Rotary Club of Rushden)

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