District 1070 ‘Kids Out’

Photograph: Kids Out 2012 at Wicksteed Park. Kids on a Merry-go-round.

For a number of years District 1070 has supported Rotary’s Kids Out day – which is always the second Wednesday in June – by coordinating the participating Clubs visit to Wicksteed Park Kettering for a day of fun and frolics for around 2000 disabled/disadvantaged kids.   From its early days Rotary has supported the event, which was initially started by the Liverpool taxi drivers clubbing together to take the children of mariners at sea out for the day before the Moores family of football pools and stores fame started to sponsor it and involved Rotary in the administration .

The independent charity Kids Out was formed to raise funds to support Rotary’s efforts and continues to do so by contributing £1 per registered child per annum and provides free baseball caps.   Additionally the Kids Out Charity supports a number of events that attract donations from them.  For instance they organise Pantomime tickets free of charge, provide £5 per disabled/disadvantaged child for participation in various Xmas events such as parties etc.   Updates will be provided after each Kids Out Ambassadors meeting held in September each year (see report below from this year’s meeting).

In 2016 changes were made to the makeup of the District and we lost a number of Bedford area clubs who no longer participate in our Kids Out.  On the other side of the coin we gained a number of Lincolnshire clubs.   However, the distance to Wicksteed Park precludes their participation but many do their own thing taking children to a number of venues.

50 Clubs in District 1070 arranged with their local schools in 2011 to send buses and feed over 2200 children to Wicksteed Park.   Despite losing clubs we still took over 2200 children to the Park in 2018 – a great effort by our clubs.   Looking forward to the 12 June 2019 we will be aiming to maintaining the momentum for what a fantastic day out and the flagship event of our District.

For further information, contact your Kids Out Coordinator/Ambassador Rotarian Bryan Swain, Rotary Club of Huntingdon Cromwell, by email ( ) or by telephone (01480 417553).

Some recent information from the Kids Out ambassadors meeting on 5th September 2018:

On 5 September 2018 a meeting attended by Rotary Kids Out Coordinators/Ambassadors from a number of RIBI Districts was held in the ICC Birmingham.   This summary of what took place is issued for information and where appropriate advice on various benefits available from the Kids Out Charity.   It does not deal solely with our Kids Out Day in June.

The CEO of Kids Out was delighted to tell the meeting that in 2018 over 30,000 children had attended various events throughout at 146 locations.   This was an increase on last year.  For our part I informed the meeting that we took over 2,000 children to Wicksteed Park.  However, because of the geographic spread of clubs within our District I estimated that a significant number of children were taken to events under the auspices of individual clubs.

Going forward,  Kids Out have negotiated tickets in Birmingham at 11am on Thursday 20 Dec for the Pantomime ELF that stars David Essex.   This is open to any disabled/disadvantaged children of any age.   Tickets can be obtained from Sandra Doherty at Kids Out at   It stressed that if you book tickets then you MUST use them.   They are FREEE

Once again this year Kids Out is sponsoring a Festive Season event.   Basically they will provide £5 for every child for a Xmas Party, visit to a pantomime etc.   The link for this is:

A delegate mentioned that his club had for some time contacted ZIPPO circus when it visited their town and had been given priority and some free seats for children.   It was suggested that if this circus visits your town then it may be worthwhile contacting them.

Kids Out has a programme to help families with abused children who are in refuges.   They provide toy boxes for the children aged between 3 and 10 – very good value.   Boxes can be requested by gender and age.   However, if you have such places it will be necessary to contact the local council for permission as it is a delicate issue.   Toys will only be issued to the Council.   If you wish to proceed with a bid then contact Gordon Moules who is the CEO of Kids Out – details on their website.

An interesting development is the introduction by Kids Out of “World Stories”.   This is a web based programme that is available to schools and aims to help non-English speaking children to develop their language skills.   It will be useful for children in key stages 3,4 and 5.   It covers about 18 languages and helps the children to transpose from their language to English. 

Mention was made of the use of various shops such as Waitrose, Tesco, NISA etc to gain money to help with transport and other costs associated with your support for children taking part in Kids Out activities.

Finally, I look forward to Kids Out 2019 on Wednesday 12 June, once again at Wicksteed Park.   I hope that most if not all of the improvement work being undertaken this year will be completed when we next visit.   I will once again start seeking your participation details probably in November but please be aware that the registration fee will not be increased this year.   For those clubs who have for whatever reason not participated you are missing a brilliant event that brings nothing but joy to hundreds of disabled or disadvantaged children.

 Brian Swain

The Rotary Club of Huntingdon Cromwell

District 1070 Kids Out Coordinator/Ambassador

01480 417553


Photograph: Kids on a switchback ride at Wicksteed Park. Photograph: Picnic time for the kids at Wicksteed Park.
Enjoying an ice cream at Wicksteed Park.