Documents & Forms

Links to Documents and Forms

The documents listed below are important and should be read before embarking on any Foundation Grant Application; the links below will allow you to access and download the documents:

  1. The Rotary Foundation Terms and Conditions  (note: the document downloads automatically as a PDF file)
  2. The District 1070 Club Foundation Manual       (note: edition 2019-20. PDF Format. Update due Mar 2020)
  3. The Memorandum of Understanding Document which should be read by both officers who sign the online form below before completing form
  4.  Club Memorandum of Understanding authorisation form which must be completed by the President and authorised by a 2nd Club Officer (who should be the President-elect) as the first step in applying for a District Grant qv below.  The requirement for the President-elect to authorise is because the MoU authorises the handling and stewardship of funds until the project is complete and may thus extend over 2 or even more Rotary years.  In the event that the President-elect is not available the 2nd Officer may be either the Secretary or Treasurer in that order.
  5. The Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus
  6. The Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus Policy Statements
  7. The Distance Learning Package including the Grants Management Training Test

District Grants

MoUs, Proposals, Full Applications and Reports for District Grants are now completed entirely by using online forms.  hard copy forms are no longer accepted in the process.  The first step in the process is to complete a Club Memorandum of Understanding (see 3 & 4 above); this will ensure that we comply with GDPR and also improve the robustness of our data security system.  Brief information about your club and your project is gathered in the Proposal form, which can be accessed from the link provided to the Club President after completing the MoU and provides us with just sufficient data to apply for the inclusion of your project in the Block Grant from TRF.   After an initial Grants Team review you will be invited to complete a Full Application Form, which is more detailed; the details  you entered in the proposal form will auto-fill some of the full application form; you will be able to access the Full Application form from a link supplied to you when your Proposal is approved.

Please have your proposal completed by 30th June each year as grants are competitive and administered on a first come first served basis.

The final part of the grant process is to submit reports, which are due every 6 months following payment of the grant until the project is complete when the Final Report is due within 2 months.  The reports can be accessed via a link which is passed to you once your Application is approved.

Project Opportunities

From time to time we are asked to recommend projects which need funding to clubs with cash available vice versa we are also asked to find funding for proposed projects; we record these project opportunities in the Foundation Database and they are available to clubs by clicking on this link: Project Opportunities

Global Grants

All Global Grant applications can be completed online, anytime during the year but please remember to talk to The District Foundation team first to ensure grant support is available for allocation.  Here is the link to get you started: Global Grant Application.

We ask you to let us know what your plans are for a Global Grant so that we can make a suitable allowance of DDF – you can provide this advice by completing the District Global Grant Proposal form.