Foundation Grants

Foundation Grants

There are 2 types of Rotary Foundation grants:

  • Global Grants for larger projects which are controlled directly by The Rotary Foundation via an online application and reporting system which can be found here
  • District Grants which are controlled by the District Foundation Grants Team via our own online application and reporting system

To access either type of grant applicant clubs must be Grant Management qualified by:

  • The completion of a Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding by signing the online form here
  • The President and Foundation Officer (or substitute) must both complete a Grant Management Training seminar (the best opportunity is at PEPS and District Assembly respectively); however, during the present difficult time with the coronavirus pandemic an on-line training package has been put together which provides the requisite training
  • Reporting for previous grant projects must be up to date (for a District Grant this means that the 1st Interim Report must have been submitted and found compliant)

It is very strongly recommended that clubs intending to apply for either type of grant download and make themselves thoroughly familiar with the contents of:

Areas of Focus.

All Foundation Grants must support activities aimed at Rotary Foundation’s Areas of Focus, namely:

  • Peacebuilding and conflict prevention
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Community economic development
  • Environment (with effect from 1 July 2021)

Further details on Areas of Focus, including definitions of areas with Environmental impact are available here:

Global Grants

  • For District 1070 clubs they must support projects in a country other than England
  • The project value must be a minimum of $30,000 and $400,000
  • The International partner(s) must fund 15% of the project
  • There must be a partner Host Rotary Club local to the project which accepts equal responsibility for the Project.
  • There must an International partner
  • The project must adhere to the Areas of Focus qv
  • Reporting is essential to ensure stewardship of funds

All applications for Global Grants are made online direct to TRF; however we strongly advise any club considering applying for such a grant to contact the Foundation team, DRFC or DGSC, before applying and complete a D1070 Global Grant Proposal form so that we can make an appropriate allocation of DDF to support the project.

District Grants

  • A District Grant can support projects locally or overseas
  • The project value will be up to few thousand pounds with, in District 1070, a maximum grant of £2,000 per club or £8,000 if it is a multi-club joint project (subject to special conditions).  These limits may be varied for 20/21 depending on the assessed impact of COVID-19
  •  The grant provided will only match the funds provided by the club(s)
  • There is no requirement for a partner club for overseas projects
  • The project must adhere to the Areas of Focus qv
  • The project must be sustainable
  • Timely and thorough reporting is essential to ensure stewardship of funds
  •  The club must ensure that good, outward-facing publicity is generated by the project.
  •  There must be Rotarian involvement throughout the project

The first step to a District Grant is for the President and President-elect to complete and authorise a Club Memorandum of Understanding by completing the online form here

Once the authorised MoU is received in the Grants database a link to the partially completed Proposal form will be sent to the President who should pass it to the Foundation Officer to complete.

The Proposal only asks for sufficient information to allow us to complete the District Block Grant application ie 100 word max description, cost, location, category.

When the Proposal is received by the Grants Team it will be reviewed and when approved a link will be issued to the compiler to access a partially completed Full Application form for completion.

The Full Application, as its name implies requires a fuller description and details of: budget, funding plan, Rotarian involvement, publicity and sustainability.

After the Full Application has been reviewed and approved by the Grants Team the grant will be paid and a link to the Report Form issued to the compiler.

The first Interim or Final report is due 6 months after the grant has been paid, or if completed sooner, within 2 months of completion. The Report Form is designed to report by exception so consists of a series of tick boxes which can be simply ticked if the project follows the scheme which was approved at the Full Application; however, if it differs from the Application in any way a narrative explanation is required. Over recent years approx 20% of reports have been declared non-compliant at first submission due to lack of adequate publicity.

Once the Report is accepted as compliant and any underspent moneys returned the project is complete.

All documents and forms required to access a District grant can be viewed and downloaded here