The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation is ‘Our Charity’ and is about helping Rotarians to do good in the world whether at home or abroad. Rotary Foundation is the charitable trust fund of Rotary International; its mission is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty, or in other words – to ‘Do Good In The World’.

The projects supported by the Rotary Foundation cover one or more of six Areas of Focus:
•             Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
•             Disease prevention and treatment.
•             Maternal and child health
•             Basic education and literacy
•             Water and Sanitation
•             Economic and community development

We can add to this Sustainability as it is important to ensure our activities last long after our direct involvement.

The Rotary Foundation provides grants to support projects in the above Areas of Focus.  The projects can be in a Rotary club’s local community or overseas.  Smaller projects are supported through District Grants, allocated to clubs by District 1070’s grants committee.  Global Grants help fund projects linking Rotary clubs in different parts of the world for the development of communities less well off than ourselves.  In all cases the projects must involve direct involvement by Rotarians.

The Rotary Foundation does not provide unrestricted donations to other charitable organisations. More information can be found on the grants page of this web site.

The Rotary Foundation also supports educational programmes including Global Scholars (Supported by Global Grants), District Scholars (Supported by District Grants) and Peace Fellows (supported directly from the world fund).

The Rotary Foundation also has a wide range of educational programmes.

The Rotary Foundation is Rotary’s own charity and all Rotarians are encouraged to donate to it. This can be by giving through your club or helping your club to fund raise for Foundation. Covenanting a quarterly or annual donation is a tax efficient method in the UK; a contribution of £20 per quarter, made by way of a standing order with a gift aid declaration, is a painless way of donating and helping your club to achieve a target of $100 per member.  Go to: and to discover ways in which you as an individual can support Foundation.
The more money that is donated to the annual fund, the more comes back in grants to support club directed projects. You can make your giving efficient by enabling RIBI to claim gift aid on your donations from your club by the Club Treasurer filling in the appropriate forms obtainable from RIBI.

Download: The Rotary Foundation – “How to Donate” leaflet.

The more money that is donated to the annual fund, the more comes back in grants to support club directed projects.

Why not become a  Sustaining Member by giving $100 per year via a standing order or Paul Harris Society (PHS) member giving $1000 per year via standing order? Please contact  DRFC Irvin Metcalf if you are interested. Both schemes attract recognition and a special lapel badge.

A bequest or a legacy in your will is also possible. As can be imagined the sums raised are considerable, amounting to many millions of pounds/dollars each year. All sums collected are used entirely in funding the various projects carried out by Rotarians supported by the trust fund.

Download:  the current Club Foundation Manual from the Downloads and Forms page

D1070 Rotary Foundation Objectives for 2018/2019


  • Apply for a District Grant (the Block Grant) of about $50,000, distributing this to clubs to support their District Grant activities and projects locally and overseas.
  • Support clubs in applying for Global Grants, funding new grant applications in addition to those already in progress.
  • Support clubs in achieving qualified status to be able to participate in these grants.
  • Ensure good progress and timely reporting of projects within the grants awarded.

“The New Grants Model” enables the Rotary Foundation to support Rotary Clubs’ aims and ambitions through assisting with projects in their local communities and internationally.

The approach being adopted by District 1070’s Rotary Foundation Committee is as detailed below  in the Club Manual.

This Club Manual incorporates the procedures by which clubs can apply for help with projects, details of the training and qualification that clubs are expected to undertake.

The first rule, though, if you are looking for help with your projects is: Talk to Us.

District Grants

  • Grants to support projects locally or overseas.
  • Total project value up to a few thousand pounds
  • No requirement for a partner club in the project’s location
  • Must adhere to the 6 areas of focus (see below)
  • Reporting and publicity essential to ensure good stewardship of funds

All of the forms you require for District Grant application are now Online (see Documents and Forms link)

Global Grants

  • Grants to support overseas projects
  • Minimum project value will be $30,000 to $200,000 or more, depending on the sources of funds
  • There must be a partner Rotary club local to the project, accepting equal responsibility for the project
  • Must adhere to the 6 areas of focus (see below)
  • Reporting essential to ensure good stewardship of funds

Global Grant Opportunities

From time to time we receive requests from Clubs and charities both at home and overseas to provide financial support for proposed Global Grant projects.  These requests are recorded as Global Grant Opportunities in our database with links to the project details; we commend these projects to Clubs seeking service opportunities.  Further advice is available from your Grants Team.

For further information we encourage clubs in the district to read The Rotary Foundation Terms and Conditions and the District 1070 Foundation Club Manual and the excellent explanations of The New Grants Model on the Rotary International web site at Clubs wishing to apply for District Grants, whether for projects in their local communities or overseas, need to forward to the district grants chairman a brief description of their proposed grant projects by the end of June each year. Details of required information for district grants can be foundon our Documents and Forms link. For more information on Rotary Foundation grants talk to the Grants Sub-committee Chairman Hugh Holden or the District Rotary Foundation Chairman,  Irvin Metcalf. Global grants have no set time scale, but as we have limited funds to support these grants, please ensure you talk to  Hugh Holden about your thoughts early on, and keep us updated as your plans progress.

  • See grants terms and conditions
  • Undertake club visits and talks, to ensure Rotarians hear about the continuing progress, but also the remaining needs in the eradication of polio.


  • Ensure clubs remain aware of the continuing need to support the eradication of polio, even though we will not set a specific fund raising target for each club.  Promote purple fabric crocuses to raise the profile of End Polio Now and helping clubs to raise funds.  Support other activities such as the Swimarathon and other club initiatives.

Peace and Conflict Resolution

  • Spread understanding and awareness of the Peace and Conflict Resolution programme.

  • Spread understanding and awareness of the Peace and Conflict Resolution programme
  • Look for suitable Peace Scholars
  • Promote participation across the district in the Peace Project programme in schools.
  • Promote Bill Huntley seminar at the University of Bradford last Saturday in October


  • We rely on our club members to find potential scholars
  • For 2018-19 we currently are not sponsoring any scholars

Vocational Training Team

  • Currently no further VTT project is planned although the VTT in Ethiopia teaching palliative care for mothers and children is still ongoing.


  • To aim for contributions to the Annual Fund of $100 per Rotarian, through wider understanding of the benefits of our Foundation, and with higher uptake of sustaining membership and personal donations in addition to larger gifts through bequests.


  • To raise levels of understanding at Club level of why Foundation is a high quality and effective charity
  • To raise levels of Giving
  • To pursue and promote collaborative working with other districts and with clubs.

District Foundation Team 2017~18

Duties/Position Name Rotary Club of:
Chairman Irvin Metcalf Grantham Sunrise
Grants Team Chairman Hugh Holden Uppingham
Grants Team Elizabeth Wright Rushden Higham
Grants Team Colin Scott Holbeach
Grants Team Peter Borner Dist 1070 E Club
Grants Treasurer Steve Chambers Wellingborough
Stewardship Simon Kalson Lindum Lincoln
Rotary Scholars Alison Blythe Melton Mowbray
Annual Giving / Every Rotarian Every Year Irvin Metcalf Grantham Sunrise
Peace Fellowships Len Taylor Alford & Mablethorpe
Polio Eradication Eric Hall Melton Mowbray
Brian May Northampton
Communications Irvin Metcalf Grantham Sunrise
Liaison Assistant Governor Mike Warrington  Stamford

Paul Harris Awards

Within Rotary in Britain & Ireland (RIBI), Paul Harris awards are often made to recipients (who may be a Rotarian or a non-Rotarian in sympathy with the aims of Rotary) in recognition of their service to their club or to the local community. The award originated as recognition for individuals who have donated $1000 or more to The Rotary Foundation’s annual programmes fund; indeed clubs have to have donated $1000 to the fund for each Paul Harris Fellowship they wish to grant. Across much of the Rotary world Paul Harris Fellowships are granted purely on this financial basis, and RIBI clubs and individual Rotarians are free to do the same.

Details of the Paul Harris Fellowship programme are available on the RIBI website. If you want to award someone (whether a Rotarian or not) a Paul Harris Fellowship by all means contact the District Rotary Foundation Chairman Irvin Metcalf (address in the District directory) for application forms and assistance in having the awards sent to clubs for presentation.   However the procedure is straightforward:

Firstly it’s best if someone checks the record of donations to Foundation, to see if this gives your club enough “recognition points” to make a Paul Harris award.  You need $1000 per award.  That can be done on the RI web site in the member access section.  It is accessible by some district officers, including the District Foundation Committee Chairman, and by club members (maybe just club officers, and just for their own club I believe).  Many clubs have plenty of recognition points.

There are two ways to apply for the PHF award:

  1. Use the on-line application form on the RIBI web site:  You’ll need to log in to the RIBI site members’ area first.
  2. Use the attached “Word” copy of the application form which can be completed by hand or electronically.  Then post it or email it to Louise Smith ( at Alcester.

The Rotary Foundation and Fundraising

There are thousands of charitable organisations working throughout the world that make a positive impact on those in need. But your Rotary Foundation is the only charitable organisation funded by contributions from Rotarians, for programmes and projects identified by Rotarians and administered by Rotarians at the project site. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is accountable to each and everyone of us!erey

The Rotary Foundation is YOU – Every Rotarian Every Year.

Through OUR Foundation, we reach out to both local and international communities.  Whether it’s eradicating polio, digging water wells, or educating a scholar in peace and conflict resolution, Rotary creates the environment and circumstances to promote peace throughout the world.

What happens when we combine the energy, enthusiasm and passion of our members? The world community pays attention.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) realised the power of Rotary when we raised almost $250 million in the mid 1980’s for polio eradication and in the 2002-03 campaign raised over $130 million more. By 2018 Rotary had raised $1.6 billion for the End Polio Now campaign.  We have mobilised countless volunteers, communities, governments, and even warring factions in over 90 countries to combat polio. Our partnership with WHO, UNICEF and the US Centres for Disease Control is the largest public health initiative in the history of the world.

Polio isn’t the only project which is capturing the attention of the world community. The Rotary Foundation has partnered with eight different universities around the world to establish the Rotary Centres for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution. Our Group Study Exchange Programme and Ambassadorial Scholarships Programme mean too that Rotary is the largest non-governmental educational provider in the world.

Our grants programmes enable individual clubs to connect with clubs thousands of miles away to combine their energies and make a real difference to the lives of countless disadvantaged people.   The global grant programme enables larger scale projects to take place using the skills and energies of groups of clubs. Yet through the district grant programme local projects can equally be supported.

All these programmes are great stories, that began with contributions to the Annual Programmes Fund. It is this programme which is the primary source of support for all the humanitarian and educational work we do. Sadly the income to the Rotary Foundation does not match the demand on its resources. If we are to continue doing all the great things that we do, it is vital for Every Rotarian to participate in the programmes of the Rotary Foundation and give it their support Every Year.

If Rotary is to be there to:

Provide the largest non-governmental educational programme in the world

  • Feed the hungry
  • Care for the sick
  • Shelter the poor
  • And lead the way toward peace and world understanding

… Then EVERY ROTARIAN needs to support the Annual Programmes Fund, either individually or through his/her efforts in the club. ‘Every Rotarian Every Year’ implies every Rotarian contributing some amount, large or small, to the Rotary Foundation Annual Programmes fund, every year. Rotarians should also consider becoming a Sustaining Member of the Rotary Foundation, with a contribution of US$100 or more each year. This can be done painlessly by setting up a standing order for as little as £15 per quarter, combined with a gift aid declaration. The appropriate forms for this are here:

Sustaining Member Information

Rotary Foundation – “How to Donate”