Foundation Grants

“The New Grants Model” enables the Rotary Foundation to support Rotary Clubs’ aims and ambitions through assisting with projects in their local communities and internationally.

The approach being adopted by District 1070’s Rotary Foundation Committee is as detailed below here and in the downloadable Grants Manual which is reviewed annually in March each year. Ensure you are viewing the current Manual, which is set out in the manual footer.

This Club Manual incorporates the procedures by which clubs can apply for help with projects, details of the training and qualification that clubs are expected to undertake, and examples of the applicable memorandum of understanding and application forms.

The first rule, though, if you are looking for help with your projects is:

  • Grants to support projects locally or overseas and should have Rotarian involvement.
  • Total project value up to a few thousand pounds (See the Club Manual for current Terms and Condition)
  • No requirement for a partner club in the project’s location
  • Must adhere to the 6 areas of focus (see below)
  • Reporting and good publicity are essential to ensure good stewardship of funds

All of the forms you require for District Grant application are now online. Links are below and in the manual (see below).

A requirement for running District and Global Grants is Grants Management Training. For the Rotary year in which the grant is being applied for The Club President and the Foundation  Officer (or a substitute) must have received Grants Management Training. Normally the President at PEPS and Foundation Officer at District Assembly Foundation Breakout. Follow-up training sessions are at the discretion of the District Foundation Team. The club president and the Club president elect  must also authorise a Foundation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The District Foundation Team are always trying to improve the way in which we support our clubs and reduce costs of paper and postage etc. In order to facilitate the creation of District Grant reports we have created online forms for you to fill out. The forms can be located by clicking below:

New Online District Grant and Memorandum of Understanding Forms

District Grant Proposal and Full Application:

The first step in applying for a grant is to complete a MoU thereafter move on to completing an on-line Proposal, which is a basic outline of your proposed project.  The Grants Team will consider your proposal, and if there are no problems will invite you to complete a full application.

The Foundation Grants team have been working on the forms to make them user friendly and the latest Proposal Form is much reduced in content and asks only sufficient information for the Grants team to make a decision on a project suitability, in terms of Rotary Foundation and District Foundation Terms and Conditions.  Not only that, much of the information you give on the Proposal Form is used to pre-populate the Full Application Form. Finally, providing the same computer and browser is used while completing the Proposal Form no inputted data will be lost prior to clicking the ‘Submit’ button.

You can find the Online Form here:>

District Grant Interim and Final Reports:

Interim reports are due withing six months of receiving the grant payment and six monthly thereafter. A final report must be submitted within two months of completing your project. Failure to report in a timely manner will hold up or bar your club from receiving future Foundation Grants.

We have integrated both reporting form types and the first question asks which report type? and then the form is customised. The interim report can be brief and need just indicate the progress of your project. The Final report must be detailed and particularly prove all project expenditure along with copy invoices and proof of good publicity.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The MoU is the first step in the grant application process and must be completed before submitting a Proposal; the completed MoU will generate a link to the Proposal form for your use.  The MOU form incorporates your Data Protection authorisationto allow the District Rotary Foundation Team to store your data for the purpose of administering your grant applications.

The president and a club’s 2nd officer can authorise an MOU here. Just follow the online instructions:-

The forms have been developed to assist you create meaningful Proposal and Full Grant Application and Interim and Final Grant Reports and authorise an MOUwith suitable help notes as you proceed through the form. This also cuts down on paperwork and ensures all District Foundation Grants Team members gets the information straight away.

We recommend that you copy and save your input as you enter it to avoid any loss of data and have images, documentation etc. available on your computer before starting to complete the form as there are facilities to upload these files along with the form.  When you submit your form a copy of your input is generated and emailed back to you for your records.

Global Grants

  • Grants to support overseas projects
  • Project value will be $30,000 to $200,000 depending on the sources of funds
  • There must be a partner Host Rotary club local to the project, accepting equal responsibility for the project as well as an International partner
  • Must adhere to the 6 areas of focus (see below)
  • Reporting essential to ensure good stewardship of funds

Photograph: eranger ambulance6 Areas of Focus

  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment.
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Economic and community development

For further information we encourage clubs in the district to read the District 1070 Grants Manual, and the excellent explanations of Future Vision on the Rotary International web site at Clubs wishing to apply for District Grants for 2017-18, whether for projects in their local communities or overseas, need to forward to the district grants chairman a brief description of their proposed grant projects by the end of June each year. For more information on Rotary Foundation grants talk to the grants committee chairman Hugh Holden or the District Rotary Foundation Chairman, Irvin Metcalf   Global grants have no set time scale, but as we have limited funds to support these grants, please ensure you talk to Irvin Metcalf about your thoughts early on and to ensure there are sufficient funds in our District Designated Funds (DDF) and keep us updated as your plans progress.

See grants terms and conditions