What are Vocational Training Teams?

The Group Study Exchange programme has been replaced, under the Future Vision of The Rotary Foundation, by Vocational Training Teams (VTT). As the name suggests, VTT is about teams visiting other parts of the world with an emphasis on training, either of themselves or of the communities they visit.  The focus of the visit will be around one area of work and training, though not all participants will necessarily have the same vocation or profession.  For VTT applicants to be successful, they must demonstrate that they can add value to the community which they are visiting and that there is a genuine need for their services in those communities.

In District 1070 we are working on a VTT programme in Kenya for 2012, working with two schools for disabled and SEN children in Thika, north east of Nairobi. Anyone interested in taking up the challenge of a VTT programme please make yourselves known to the District Foundation Committee, particularly Irvin Metcalf (RC Grantham) for further information. Similar but less strict criteria will apply for applicants to VTT compared to GSE. A Rotarian will lead the team – Geoff Blurton from RC Kettering has been appointed – and the team will consist of professionals in the specialist field covered by the VTT. Most costs will be covered by a global grant from The Rotary Foundation.