Health and Safety

Zoom Security

With the advent of widespread use of Zoom and other video communication on-line tools, this guide to Zoom security is recommended to Rotarians who are using such tools.

A few quick points are:

  • Require a meeting password.
  • Use the waiting room feature (though that one can be quite disruptive, especially for an inexperienced host.
  • Send links to participants, not posted on publicly available social media.
  • Screen sharing, at least in my set up, defaults to “Host Only” (though the host can allow others if requested).
  • Consider locking the meeting after it has started, so no-one can force they way in part way through.
  • Make sure you, as host, are using the latest software update (Zoom often does this automatically, and seems to update attendees’ software automatically when they join a meeting).

Health and Safety Policy

Link to District 1070’s Health & Safety policy