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Draft Environmental Policy


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This Is Your Environment

What follows is a discussion document prepared by our District Environmental Officer, David George:

Today we live with non-stop unprecedented events:

Fire, flood, mudslides, rising water levels, hurricanes, toxic algae blooms, plastic pollution, acidifying oceans, soil degradation, extreme weather and the loss of biodiversity.  The word unprecedented is coming to define our times. Yet still, some Governments and Rotarians will not accept that we have Climate Change.  Climate Change is threatening the very infrastructure of our World, which includes health, water, food supplies and our security.

We should be answering the question “What small and practical things can District 1070 and its Members do to improve sustainability?”

I suggest we devote at least an hour at one of our near future District Council Meetings to receive Club Delegates views and proposals from which District Executive can develop policies for Clubs to adopt.

At this Meeting we should tell Delegates about the seriousness of the situation.

* That there is little time left to change the way we live.

  • As parents we must join with our children to save the world they will live in.

What is our legacy to them to be? They will inherit our successes and also   our failures.

  • As Rotarians we must play our part in stopping the ruination of the World our children will inhabit.


Here Are My Proposals:


  • Reduce travelling by
    • Holding All District Meetings on a Saturday morning thereby allowing District Committees to meet in the afternoon at the same venue and thereby removing the need to travel on another date.
    • Have future District Conferences either within the geographic area of the District or no more than 50 Miles beyond the District boundary (transport is our greatest polluter).
    • Encourage attendees to travel there by shared transport or public transport. If travelling on their own, they will pay an increased Conference fee.
    • Reduce Council Meetings to two a year.
    • Hold District Conference in London as almost all Delegates could get there by public transport.
  • Set up a District Environmental Fund. This could be used for Environmental projects such as tree planting.
  • Challenge single use plastic. At all Rotary Events insist on no single use plastic.  Challenge your supermarket to reduce single use plastic.
  • Become a leader in environmental protection by setting up simple and practical policies that Clubs and District will adhere to.


  • If you have a meal at Club Meetings agree to have a meatless meal once a month.
  • If more than one Delegate going to District Assembly, Council or Conference ensure that transport is shared.
  • Insist that each Club has an Environmental Officer whose brief is to challenge the arrangements for every Club event / activity to ensure that environmental protection, wherever, possible is being met.
  • Encourage environmental projects – for ideas see my previous newsletters and the next News and Events magazine.
  • Educate the general public, schools and write to your local MP about environmental issues.
  • Encourage Clubs to watch the Greta Thunberg video, possibly at a Club Meeting, and the current David Attenborough series.
  • Encourage Members to Reduce Reuse Recycle

Rotarian Dr David George

District Environmental Officer