Rotary Spring Clean

AS you all know the state of our country is a big problem, local councils do not seem to want to spend what little money they have left in their coffers. Volunteers like Rotary have taken up the baton in many clubs.

Below is a statement I wrote in July 2011. It still seems current.

I have had many conversations with Rotarians and they all agree it is a problem in our communities and one that we can tackle – At no or very little cost.

 It is so easy and we can put Rotary on the map in all 5 Nations and hopefully we will dislodge the mantle of “Men in suits” who meet for lunch, and hopefully get some new, younger members.

Pick an area in your locale that needs some TLC and give it a go. Make sure you announce it on your website, Facebook page, local newspaper and radio, in fact anywhere and everywhere you can to encourage Joe public to get involved.

We don’t even have to get our hands dirty but there is nothing wrong if we do. Let’s go for it and DO IT – Together.

Bob Parfitt