Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Residential Courses at Grafham Water Centre, Cambridgeshire and Whitehall education centre Buxton (Young RYLA).

Who: RYLA Young Adults aged 18 – 26, Young RYLA students aged 13-16

who show the potential and inclination to give leadership to youth through voluntary and/or vocational activities


Saturday 20 July 2019 – Saturday 27th July 2019

Please note – unfortunately it appears that some of the paperwork may have gone missing. If you have booked a candidate in for the 2019 RYLA and not received an acknowledgement from Rtn Nick Rangeley, please make contact with him ASAP –

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

What – A personal development 8 day seminar (7 nights) of activities including:

  • Water sports

  • Practical Initiative Tests

  • Development of Interpersonal Skills

  • Camping

  • Map Reading

  • Problem Solving

  • Computer based business game

  • Lectures & Presentations

Want to see if you or someone you know would benefit from participating in  RYLA?

Then Watch these  videos to see how individuals team building, management and personal skills are developed along with their self esteem and self confidence:

See the comments made by District 1070 candidate Charlie Fagan on what she gained from RYLA click here  to play the  MP4 format files.

or for You Tube   CLICK HERE

Watch the You Tube videos of past RYLA events  YouTube video 1 Watch the YouTube video 2 

Why – Investing in all our futures.

This course is considered to be the finest of its type in ‘Rotary In Great Britain & Ireland’.

Applicants must be able to commit themselves to the whole week. The course is designed on a basis of team competition with each day building on the knowledge and experience gained in the previous days. Any time lost is to the detriment of the awardee, the team and the whole group.

Rotary clubs please note: It is essential to have a reserve awardee to cover for last minute illness etc. Perhaps this year’s reserve could become next year’s priority choice.

Details about the July 2019 course / reservations from the Rotarian in residence:

 Rtn Nick Rangeley (RC of South Holland)

Applications for attending RYLA should be made through your local District 1070 Rotary Club. Thank you to the clubs who have already reserved places.

There are places for 45 Candidates this year so reserve a space for candidate(s) now.

Local businesses and organisations who have individuals who they feel would benefit from RYLA are invited to contact their local Rotary club or the RYLA coordinator Nick Rangeley

Download the RYLA 2019-reservation-form here


The RYLA REGISTRATION FORM  2019 can be downloaded here

please return completed forms to :

Rtn Nick Rangeley (RC of South Holland) 36 West Parade, Spalding PE11 1HD 07919 927377(mob). E-mail:

A Selection of Pictures from RYLA at Grafham Water







Monday 18th  – Wednesday 20th February 2019

Young RYLA is similar to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) but is designed for students between the ages of 13-16 years old. This proposal is to run a Young RYLA event for young people from our District in February 2018 during the Spring Half Term. If your Club is interested in Young RYLA please provisionally reserve a space as soon as possible. Closing date for booking is 5th November 2018 .


The aim is to enable young people to develop personal skills by undertaking, first hand, different and sometimes challenging tasks in a safe environment that will:

* improve communication skills,

* develop leadership and team building skills.

* develop the use of initiative and improve self-reliance.


The course is held in Whitehall Outdoor Education Centre, which is run by the Derbyshire County Council and is 3 miles from Buxton in the Peak  District National Park.

Content of the Course

The course is individually tailored to meet the needs of the group and include outdoor activities including:

* Rock climbing,

* Canoeing,

* Abseiling

* Caving and a host of other activities.

There is also a range of indoor activities including a climbing wall.

All activities are supervised by highly qualified staff and the centre holds a licence from the National Adventure Licensing Authority.

Safety is paramount  and the Centre works to nationally accepted standards of good practice.

Alongside the staff at Whitehall are Rotarians who stay with the young people throughout the 2 .5 days and accompany the teams during their activities.

Participation in the activities is not compulsory for Rotarians, The Rotarian’s role is to undertake that of the responsible adult but,you may well achieve goals and face challenges that you never thought possible and succeed due to the team work and encouragement given  by the young people .

Our quest for this coming year is to engender sufficient interest amongst the Clubs, within the District, to take a group of young people aged between 13-16 years to Whitehall in February 2018.


The cost to your club is  approx. £150 per student.

In order to make this viable we need sponsorship for a minimum of 20 candidates; however It would be wonderful if this number was exceeded and more young students could replicate the experience of those who participated in 2016. The changes  witnessed in those 2.5 days, the leadership and team building skills and the confidence engendered within each individual was truly amazing.

Due to the difficulty in getting students out of school in term time and with family holidays usually being taken during the Easter and Summer Holidays, it was decided that the Spring Half Term Holiday in February would be a better time to get candidates. Having checked the dates of the Spring Half Term on the internet it seems that the majority of the schools, within the District, half term fall the week commencing Monday 18th– Wednesday 20th  February 2019.

Please contact Maureen Gariff ( RC Lincoln Colonia)   for more details and to indicate the numbers of students you would like to sponsor.

Photos from previous years Young RYLA