Vocational Service

Every Rotarian brings valuable experience and skills to their club and, through their club projects, helps to improve the lives of those far less fortunate than ourselves. This applies just as much to those who have retired from work as to those still in work. The second object of Rotary is all about Vocational Service. ‘The dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society’. This is illustrated by the Avenues of Service Tree; the trunk feeds the brances; and the branches bear the fruit, or in our case, projects.

Vocational Competition

Clubs are encouraged to enter their projects into the Rotary District 1070 Vocational Competition which will be judged by the Vocational Team. For entry dates, and for other information about our vocational activities contact the team chairman, Bill Hill (Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray)

Project Ideas

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Logo & Link for Young Enterprise page. Logo and link to page for mentoring project. Logo/Link: Uprising Logo and link to REMAP page.
Logo and Link to page for Technology Tournament Logo and Link to Engineering Young Entrepreneurs Scheme page. Logo & link to page for DRIVE.

Other Ideas

  • Careers Events
  • Mock Interviews
  • Club visits to places of work
  • Help with placements for New Generations Youth Exchanges
  • Give talks to schools or local adult groups
  • Assist schools with projects
  • Help an adult learn to read or acquire skills for work
  • Assist a charity
  • Provide IT support for a local project
  • Help prepare a resource list of Rotarians for each Area of the District