REMAP logo.

Helping people with disabilities achieve greater independence and enjoyment of life

Made up of a collection of ‘Panels’ of engineeres applying their skills and experience to design and manufacture special equipment of those with disabilities, where suitable euqipment is not available on the market. REMAP works closely with Occupational Therapists.

  • Each client’s request receives personal attention.
  • Help is available in the local community.
  • Everything is free to the cleint.
  • The Panels organise their own workshops.
  • There are Rotary District 1070 Panels in Bedofrd, Leicester, Northampton and Peterborough.

Contact Colin McCarney (Rotary Club of Biggleswade Ivel)


Logo: Vocational Service Committee. Silouhette of man sitting at desk.

Photograph: Disabled person with guitar rest to enable person to hold guitar for playing.

Cradle for guitar

Photograph: Adapter for disabled person with serious arthritis to use aerosol cans.

Adapter for aerosol spray cans