The Rotary in Britain & Ireland (RIBI) Technology Tournament

RIBI Tecchnology Tournament Logo.

This is an RIBI New Generations competition.

  • Age Group 12+
  • All day event run by local clubs to a nationally set challenge
  • Young People construct a device that meets the challenge
  • 3 levels of competition to suit 3 age groups and different abilities
  • Encourages young people to see design and tchnology as attractive and challenging
  • Develops team work, communication, problem solving and practical skills
  • Creates interest, a sense of achievement and fun
  • Links witht he National Curriculum
  • Official date February/March but could be at any time of the year

Contact: Rotarian Mary Whitehead (Rotary Club of Biggleswade Ivel) Click here to visit RIBI page (log in as a member) Logo: Vocational Service Committee. Silouhette of man sitting at desk.