UpRising is a leadership programme for young people aged 19-25. Its vision is to create public leaders who reflect modern Britain with the skills, grounding, determination and character to be great leaders; bringing about a substantial shift in power, enabling more people to have the freedom to take charge of their future, their communities and Britain.Logo: Uprising

UpRising opens up the pathways to leadership for talented young adults, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, networks, confidence and power to transform their communities and Britain for the better.

Rotary has supported the work of UpRising since it was first established in Bedford in 2011. Working with the young UpRisers allows Bedford Rotary to play a hands-on, active role in helping communities in Bedford.  Rotarians in Bedford are using their vocational skills to support this project. Rotarians with mentoring skills, local business contacts and event organisation experience are particularly involved.

Download: Uprising for Rotarians