Young Musician

The Young Musician competition is very popular and we take great pleasure in providing a local stage on which our future musicians can perform and enrich their talent. Our young people produce a high standard in the District making our competitions in to inspiring and engaging concerts. Instruments played included Vibraphone, Euphonium, Tenor Horn, Trumpet, Glockenspiels, Harp, Oboe, Soprano Saxophone and many more. The District 1070 Young Musician competition takes place annually and individuals and groups are invited to submit entries through their local Rotary Club  following local heats.

Entrants must be located within the Rotary District 1070 area.

Results of the District 1070 Young Musician Competition 2017 can be seen here

How are local heats organised ?

A date and venue for the local competition or event, bearing in mind the district entry deadline stated below will be arranged by Rotary Clubs in District 1070 .

Katie Marshall Winner of the District 1070 Cup for vocalist and third place in the RIBI final

An adjudicator for the event will be arranged by the organising Rotary club for example  a local music teacher or the head of music in a local secondary school. (If they don’t feel competent to do it, they may know someone who is).

The competition will be advertised in  local schools by the Rotary Clubs. The District Competition is open to young people who permanently reside within District 1070 or who attend schools within District 1070.

A charge for admission to the local event may be made.  The Rotary Club, will assist with publicity.

The rules for Young Musician in Rotary District 1070 describes the categories, age groups and other restrictions. Don’t worry about how many entries you have, the role of your adjudicator is to make sure the young people you enter to the District event are of a suitable standard and will be competent to perform in public.

One entry for each category from the local round of the competition will be eligible to go forward to the District semi-finals.

Entrants feedback feedback from the competition adjudicator, written or verbal.

Entrants and competition organisers are asked to to look carefully at the rules about accompanists.  No recorded backing tapes are allowed in the District 1070 Competition, but may be used in the  local round, It would then be necessary to find a suitable accompanist for subsequent events.

Ii the event of a small entry to a local competition, the adjudicator may individually audition the entrants to establish the standard of the young people.  This is to ensure that young people who are just learning an instrument; are encouraged, not put off

• Solo Instrumental
• Solo Vocal
• Instrumental or Vocal Ensembles (An ensemble is 2 – 5 players)
• Musical Groups, Choirs. (Groups and Choirs are 6 or more) AGE GROUPS:

• Junior:            Age up to 10 years
• Intermediate: Age 11 – 13 years
• Senior:          Age  14 – 17 years

Age is at 31st August 2018

The competition rules  and Young Musician Competition entry form can  be  found from these links.

National winners 2017

You can read about the National winners of the Rotary Young Musician  Competition here 

This article was first published in  Rotary August/September 2017 edition


A selection of the competitors in the 2017 District Finals.