The Young Photographer Competition

About the Young Photographer Competition 2019-2020

The theme for this years competition is:

                           ‘Through My Eyes’

The Young Photographer competition allows Young People to express themselves through the medium of photography.

The digital camera has revolutionised the photographic world with instant results and the end of the concept that the camera never lies. As a talent, and an art form, we celebrate the photographic skills of thousands of young people with a sequence of competitions that give them the chance to demonstrate and display just what they can produce. Each year, we see more and more entries for Rotary Young Photographer, each submitting a portfolio of photographs into the final.

This three stage national competition aims to help develop photographic skills. Young people can:

  • Experiment with photography
  • Interpret their chosen topic
  • Use digital and traditional methods of photography
  • Express ideas through the medium of photography

The competition is open to students in full time education in three age groups;

Junior                    7 – 10 years

Intermediate        11 – 13 years

Senior                  14 – 17 years

on 31st August 2019.

The photographs must be taken digitally and may be in colour or black and white.

Entries should comprise a portfolio of 3 individual prints.
A Digital version of the District Winner’s photographs for each age group will be required to accompany the entry to the RIBI round of the competition.

More details on age groups are shown in the  Rotary District 1070 Youth Services handbook and the competition information pack.

For full details of the Young Photographer competition rules  please Download information pack here

The Young Photographer competition entry form can be downloaded here

Rotary clubs will run a local competition and  then send the winning portfolio for each age group  to the District Competition coordinator by the deadline of Saturday 29th February 2020. to be entered into the District round of the competition.

For details of your local Rotary club see the District 1070 home page. Or in case of difficulty contact the District 1070 Young Photographer competition organiser Alan Jukes

Entries for the District 1070 round of the Young Photographer competition need to be with the Rotary District 1070 competition organiser Alan Jukes by Saturday 29th February 2020

All entrants to the District round of the competition and supporters are invited to attend.

District Competition results 2018 -2019

Download the District 1070 2019 results here

National winners 2018-2019

JUNIOR – 7 -10.

  1. Myla Ferreira – District 1120: Judges said, ‘Well presented showing her rationale for taking photographs which were considered very good and appealed to the judges.’ (Sponsored by TENTERDEN Rotary)
  2. Lauren Murray – District 1260: Judges said, ‘A good photographic composition and perspective.’ (Sponsored by HARPENDEN Rotary)
  3. Beatrice Hawkins – District 1175: Judges said, ‘Exceptionally well considered unusual angle.’ (Sponsored by TRURO Rotary) (JOINT)

Adam Dale – District 1030: ‘A grabbing graphic composition.’ (Sponsored by DURHAM ELVET Rotary) (JOINT)


Scarlett Tye – District 1080; Amelie Evans – District 1110; Finn Robinson – District 1145.


  1. Ellis Owen – District 1110: Judges said, ‘Beautiful set of photographs’. (Sponsored by ANDOVER Rotary)
  2. Luke Pluckrose – District 1175: Judges said, ‘very good use of different perspective of the main theme.’ (Sponsored by TORRINGTON Rotary)
  3. Sophie Goggs- District 1200: Judges said, ‘Clever idea, classic beauty in colour.’ (Sponsored by BRUE VALLEY Rotary) – (JOINT WITH).

Emyrs Ireland –District 1150: Judges said, ‘Well presented and thoughtful set of photographs.’ (Sponsored by Not Shown) (AND),

Isaac Bucklow – District 1070: Judges said, ‘Interesting and thoughtful set of photographs.’ (Sponsored by Not Shown).


Anna Macfarlan-Barrow – District 1230; Danella Bacon – District 1090; Hannah Whelan – District 1080; Nathaniel Reeve – District 1040 and Colleen He – District 1020.


  1. Nerea Gomez-Martin -District 1010: Judges said, ‘Lovely colours, beautiful well observed pictures creating an excellent set of images, well presented. Has elements of Edward Burtynsky photographs.’ (Sponsored by North Fife Rotary).
  2. Thomas Evans – District 1150: Judges said, ‘Post production photographs, not just ‘a snap’ but with a lot of thought, overlaying using different colour palette with light consistent approach.’ (Sponsored by ABERAEVON A’R CYLCH Rotary).
  3. Jonty Fuller – District 1100: Judges said, ‘Good photographic height and shadow on faces. Interesting context and layers.’ (Sponsored by COTSWOLD TYNDALE Rotary)


Shauna O’brien – District 1160; Cassius Rhodes Gann – District 1175; Thierry Fox – District 1100; Christian Cropper – District 1200; Faith Judd – District 1285; Remo Spadaccini – District 1145; Alexandra Bennett – District 1090; Katy Read – District 1030 And Caro Ashforth-District 1080.

The judges were amazed at the high standard and felt everyone was a winner, as they were of course in their respective Districts. It will be seen that it was so close that we had joint 3rds in Junior and Intermediate which could not be separated.

Winning entries for District 1070

senior age group -moss on the moor- D1070

Senior age group – rose bud – D1070

Senior age group – raindrops on rose – D1070

Junior age group – Anna – Dragonfly – D1070

Junior age group -trunkway to the sky anna 9 – D1070

Junior age group – Anna 3 sunlight on ferns – D1070

Intermediate age group -Frosty Lake – D1070

Intermediate age group – Planet Fly Wing – D1070

Intermediate age group – Bee – D1070