Youth Speaks 2019

An opportunity for young people to develop the ability to speak on a public platform, carry out research and formulate ideas, improve self-confidence and presentation skills, and work as a team.

Schools, Colleges, Youth Groups and Rotary Clubs working together to promote the talents of young people

An opportunity for your students to:-

  • put into practice the skills they learn at school
  • develop self confidence and a sense of achievement
  • work as a team
  • develop research skills
  • be creative and use their imagination
  • present ideas, express opinions and give reasoned arguments
  • express their ideas in front of an unknown audience
  • communicate in a set time

Age groups:

Intermediate: Usually school years 7 to 9.( 11 to 13 years).

Senior: Usually school years 10 to 13.(14 to 17 years ).

With the age qualifying date of 31 August 2018, it should be noted that some  intermediate entrants may be 14 and senior entrants 18 at the time of some or all stages of the competitions (e.g. a competitor who is 17 on 31 August but turns 18 on 1  September is allowed to enter).

Eligibility: The competition is open to  schools and college communities including those who are home educated and any other young people’s community organisations, for example, community RotaKids, community Interact, Scout Groups, Girl Guides.

Teams of 3:  Chairperson, Speaker and Proposer of the Vote of Thanks

Entry Forms: An entry form per team must be completed. The entry form can be downloaded here

Full competition details  are contained in the Youth Speaks information pack which can be downloaded here.

Rotary clubs should advise the District competition organiser of their intention to participate in the Youth Speaks competition by Friday 21st September 2018

Team Entry Forms should be sent to the District 1070 organiser by the sponsoring Rotary club 20th December 2018 together with a cheque for £10 per team payable to District 1070


Local: A local competition organised by Rotary Clubs. These should be held before 11th December. Winners go to District Semi-Finals.

District Semi-Finals: Deadline for entries to be confirmed is the 20th December 2018.

Intermediate semi-finals:

Saturday January 19th 2019 –  Morning Bourne Methodist Church
Saturday February 2nd 2019 – Morning Our Lady’s Convent school Loughborough
Saturday February 9th 2019 – Morning Wrenn Academy Wellingborough

 Seniors semi-finals:

Saturday January 19th 2019- Afternoon Bourne Methodist Church
Saturday February 2nd 2019- Afternoon Our Lady’s Convent school Loughborough
Saturday February 9th 2019- Afternoon Wrenn Academy Wellingborough

District Final Results :   held on Saturday 16th March 2019 Uppingham community college 

Intermediate age group : Catmose College – Subject Modern Farmers and Stress.

Best Chairman: Isa Joof – Catmose College

Best Speaker: Catherine Hinch – Catmose College

Best Vote of Thanks: Abigail Falconer – CatmoseCollege

Senior age group: Bourne Grammar School – Subject The Plight of People in the DRC

Best Chairman: Julia Chetian – Bourne Grammar School

Best Speaker:Sandra Sajosh – Bourne Grammar

Best Vote of Thanks: Rachel Greenhouse – Ashby School

Regional Final results:  held on Saturday 30th March 2019  at The Priory Ruskin Academy, Grantham. NG31 8ED

Region Winners:

Intermediates: Catmose College

Seniors: Bourne Grammar School

Rachel Greenhouse Best Senior age group Vote of Thanks

Sandra Sajosh Best Senior Age Group Speaker

Julia Chetian Best Senior age group Chairman

Isa Joof Best Intermediate age group Chairman

Borne Grammar School Senior Age Group Region Winners

Catmose College District Intermediate age group Winners

Catherine Hinch Best Intermediate age group Speaker

Bourne Grammar School District winners

Abigail Falconer Best Intermediate V of T

RIBI Final: Nationals Finals will be on Sunday 12th May 2019 at The Rotary Showcase ,Nottingham

Basic Format: Subject chosen by the entrants.  Chairperson speaks for 2 minutes, Speaker speaks for 6 minutes, Proposer of the Vote of Thanks speaks for 2 minutes

If you would like to see some Youtube clips of Youth speak teams in action please click on the links here:

Senior team 
Intermediate team


Competitions are judged by 3 adjudicators who work to a set marking system. It is essential that all competitors know the rules. These and other support material are in the information pack .

We understand the pressure teachers are under these days, but we hope you will look at the competition as an opportunity for your pupils to enhance skills they already possess. Many schools incorporate this in their English or Drama curriculum.

Your Local Rotary Club will support you during the year.

District Organiser: Richard Wells (RC Bourne)  email