Young Writer

About the RIBI Young Writer Competition 2018-2019

The Young Writer competition 2017-2018  is designed to enable  Young People to express themselves through the medium of writing, to support and encourage the development of writing skills.The competition is designed for both primary and secondary school age students

All entries must be through a sponsoring Rotary Club

The winning District entry for each age group will be entered into the RIBI final.

An entry may be a piece produced in class, a piece of work done for SATS or Coursework, a piece written as part of badge work in a youth organisation or a piece written for the competition by an individual.

The task: to produce a handwritten or word processed poem or piece of  prose entitled,

“My Inspiration”

A piece of work of around  500 hundred words is a suggested suitable submission

The written entry can be fiction or non-fiction, a story or a poem, as long as the piece relates to the theme. Questions have been asked about spelling and although this is not an issue the only advice to be given is that judges of this competition have made comment upon spelling in the past.

Each Rotary Club may submit one entry for each age group.

Judging is based only on

  • imagination relative to the subject,
  • ability to engage interest, and
  • an ability to be consistent in the power of argument.

Organising a Competition

Rotary Clubs will arrange their own competitions, so to enter you need to get in touch with your local Rotary club, or in case of difficulty the District 1070 organiser Richard Warr.

The Rotary club will run a local competition and  then send the winning entry for each age group  to the District Competition coordinator by the deadline of Friday 8th March 2019.

All  entrants will receive a participant certificate  with  appropriate prizes to the winners.

The presentation of certificates and prizes to the District competition winners will be at the District Young Designer competition and Awards ceremony on Saturday 15th June  2019 at the Hugh Aston Building , The De Montfort University Leicester. All entrants to the district round of the competition with their supporters are invited to attend.

For more information about the competition the rules and entry/parental consent forms forms, please read the Competition Information Pack and entry form here.


To submit entries please contact your local Rotary club or for more information or assistance,  contact: Rotarian Richard Warr at the Rotary Club of Northampton West.( contact details in the District 1070 Handbook)

District winning entries 2017/2018

The District 1070 competition results were as follows

( To see the winning entries just click on the competitors name),


1st Jack Glover Stokes Wood Primary School  ( RC Oadby)

RIBI National Winner Young Writer 2018 competition junior age group

2nd Tiana Chifamba Delapre Primary School ( RC Northampton West)

3rd  Ausrine Klimaviciute ,  (RC Northampton Beckett).


1st Caitlin Bradley Ivanhoe College  ( RC Ashby Hastings)

2nd= Mariam Syed Leicester High School for Girls(RC Leicester)

2nd =  Lean Massingham  Ivanhoe College( RC Ashby Castle).


1st  Iulia Dinu, Leicester High School for Girls ( RC Leicester)

2nd Annika Dattani, Beauchamp College ( RC Oadby),

3rd Qunyh Nguyen, Rushden Academy ( RC Northampton West)

National winners 2017/2018

Beaming with creativity, 2018’s Rotary Young Writers have been announced.

Jack Glover, Rebecca Sharkey and Sienna Lakin took the theme of A Different Perspective in their stride and produced fantastic pieces of writing, rightfully claiming first place in their categories.

Each entrant explored the theme in their own style, demonstrating the originality needed to go all the way in the competition.

To reach the final is an achievement in itself, as there are previous rounds prior to the national final.

This year’s winners engage all readers, with text varying from fiction, to nonfiction and poetry.

All entries were carefully constructed, especially by junior champion Jack, whose adventure-filled tale of Gary the grape personified the journey of our food being eaten.

“My seeds were all a quiver. I felt a sudden rush as what was left of me slid down its throat into its oesophagus

Senior winner Sienna put pen to paper about the varying opinions of perfection.

She spoke about a doctor’s perspective on her new born sister’s Down Syndrome, and how she thought this was untrue.

By challenging the reader’s mind on their perception of perfect, she left a lasting impact.

Rebecca Sharkey, winner in the intermediate category, spoke about two different sides to an individual.

Rebecca opted to submit a poem for her entry, and took on a challenging topic, putting us in the shoes of a protagonist wrestling themes of gender, identity and conformity.

This year’s judging panel contained four literary experts, Michael Sutherland-Harper, Mary Bingham, Tash Radford and Sue Stevens.

Tash, founder of Chicken and Frog Bookshop, expressed, “It’s always a huge pleasure to read children’s writing.

“This year’s entries were excellent, which made the judging very tricky!”

My Digestive Journey – Jack Glover District 1070 , Rotary club of Oadby

“It’s digestion time. I wasn’t ready for this at all. I sat in its stomach for what seemed like an eternity. All I could think of was the Cherry Bakewell I had passed along the way. Don’t humans know it is unhealthy. At least it had eaten some vegetables, as part of a carrot hit me on the way down.

The water it drank earlier that very nearly drowned me, it has left it wet through in here. I should have worn my swim shorts.”


  1. Jack Glover
  2. Isabella O’Shea
  3. Hugo Rees


  1. Rebecca Sharkey
  2. Jack Lewington
  3. Lilly Tibbitts


  1. Sienna Lakin
  2. Hamza Shahid
  3. Isabel Stephens


Read all three first place pieces here

This year, to commemorate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a one-off Young Poet contest was held.

The topic was simply “A Poem for the Wedding of (Prince) Harry and Meghan (Markle)”

This was open to students aged 7 – 11 and 12 – 17 years.

23 poems were sent to Prince Harry’s private secretary, with a card designed by Interact and RotaKids clubs sponsored by Brynmawr Rotary Club.

Congratulations to all who entered the competition

The two winners of the District 1070 competition were:

Amelia Bennett ( junior age group) sponsored by the Rotary Club of Grantham

Fatema Broachwalla ( senior age group) sponsored by The Rotary club of Leicester

Their poems will be included on a card sent to Prince Harry and Meghan by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland.

You can see the two poems on the following links

Poem by Amelia Bennett

Poem by Fatema Broachwalla