Welcome to the 1070 Compliance pages for the Rotary year of 2019/20

The District 1070 Compliance Advisor is Mrs Louise Willis from the 1070 District E-Club.
The District Safeguarding Advisor is Mrs Moria Penney from the Rotary Club of St. Ives.

They are both enthusiastic Rotarian’s and once met not easily forgotten!  Between them they hold a wealth of knowledge across business, health and safety, management, education and the health service sectors. They continue to stay abreast of current legislation and gain the relevant qualifications.
Louise would rather you ask for help before there is a need for intervention or, worse still, a situation that then requires rectification after the event.

Prior to becoming disabled in 2014, Louise embraced a successful career alongside her passion as a Rotarian. Her approach to matters of compliance is always of a high standard and she is always equally as willing to help you review and improve the good practice across the 1070 District. Being disabled has allowed Louise to have a unique perspective to all matters of equality and diversity, an area she admits she has become more passionate to improve, for all disabled people. She faces her own challenges daily.

Moria spent a 35-year career in the health sector, as a Senior Radiographer specialising in Cardiography. She has a passionate, no-nonsense approach to Safeguarding. Her experience in both Rotary and the wider community means her message is clear. She is able to confidently advise and support Clubs, as well as individual Rotarians, alongside children and vulnerable adults. She is a good communicator with a unique compassion for equality within Rotary and developed her skills as the Assistant Compliance Officer before taking on the Safeguarding role.

Both ladies have been active in their own Clubs taking on Club Council, committee roles as well as the Secretary and Presidential positions.

As Rotarians who perform wonderful acts of kindness and service to our communities, it is important to review and, if necessary, update some of our practices. They are both keen to assist in helping to review current risk assessments for projects that have been in existence for some time as well as new projects that come on board.
They are happy to talk through any issue you require help with. Please call if they can be used as a sounding board, a source of reference, or even to signpost you to another place to gain the information you need. Nearly every situation is different and as Rotarians we are not exempt from the Law.
You can contact either of them by email on – or via the 1070 membership book under their appropriate clubs.
This section of the District 1070 website contains the Compliance documents for your Club and associated Policies and information.
These need to be signed and recorded in your Club council minutes before being returned to Rotarian Louise Willis. The  2019-20 form can be found on the next page, followed by Compliance information.
Thank you in advance.

Compliance covers many areas in many different situations and links can be found as follows to the RIBI information:

RIBI General Data Protection information.

RIBI Equality and Diversity Policy (linked with the RIBI Dignity Policy)

RIBI Health and Safety Policy Statement

RIBI Safeguarding – Children and vulnerable Adults

RIBI Insurance